If our readers have some opinion about a product or service, then we can provide them with a platform on which they can share their thoughts. We take pride in granting our readers guest posting opportunities to share their reviews in front of a large community. 


If you want to showcase your writing talents on a site with high-quality content and domain authority then this is the right platform for you. Your website can get attention and an authoritative backlink by publishing on our site.

This is a win-win situation for both of us. Our reader’s experience will be more informative by your value-driven article and you will be benefitted by the traffic and backlink.

We have created a writer-friendly environment to facilitate the writer as much as we could. We reply to any of the queries in little to no time. We reply to every kind of mail that we receive, No matter what the subject is.


If you have an idea of an article that you think can provide value and information to our readers, then we will be happy to hear from you. You don’t need to be a professional writer in order to write for us. If you can write simple English, that a common person can comprehend then we will happily take you onboard.



We have certain requirements that we expect you to follow through. We won’t let any low-end article diminish our user experience. So go through the following points before pitching your article.

We are only accepting guest posts which are plagiarism-free and written after adequate research. We don’t entertain the content which is published on any other website. Taking inspiration is fine but the words should be yours. So use your own creative power.


Your article should be written in simple English which an average reader could easily fathom. Our primary goal is to satisfy our readers as much as we can. Forcing them to take up the dictionary isn’t the right strategy for us.

Proofread once before submitting. If more then one grammatical error is found in your work then we will be forced to disregard it.


It is necessary to submit a relevant image along with your article. If your work contains more than one image, then send them in the correct sequence. We neither have the time nor resources to arrange them for you. But make sure to send that the image is relevant and clear. 

We only publish exclusive work. If you want to publish an article on our site then you aren’t permitted to publish it anywhere else. This will kill all the credibility of your article. Submit only to us if you haven’t posted it anywhere else and won’t publish it on any other site in the future too.


Your work must contain 900-1000 words. Anything less than this won’t satisfy the thirst of the knowledge of our reader And anything above this will be a drag for our readers.

But if you manage to write an engaging piece that can keep the reader hooked till the end then we won’t have any problem with it.


All of the copyrights of your work will belong to us. We have the right to edit your content as we like and when we like.


According to the experts in the blogging industry, A great article has the following characteristics.

  • Catchy yet precise intro.
  • Smaller paragraphs.
  • Smaller sentences.
  • Summary of the whole article in conclusion.

So make sure to act on the above advice, not only for our website but in general. This will make your work more efficient.

So if you think your work contains all of the above characteristics, then contact us. We will delightfully take you onboard. Your article will be published in next 2 – 4 days and you will get a reply from us when your article is live.


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