Top 6 Best Plate Carriers For The Money – Buying Guide 2021

In the event that you are involved in activities related to shooting or are having shots fly at your chest, Best plate carriers for the money will be an ideal addition to your clothes.

Either you will opt for a plate carrier or you will have to stroll around with ammunition magazines thumping in your pocket and no ballistic security. The latter is simply not compelling.

While working in strife regions, a vest gives your body defensive layer of security against bullets and can conceivably spare your life. With the openness and security that plate carriers guarantee, that in addition to the fact that you are ensured, you can move easily while conveying the apparatus you have to endure.

So we have done some exploration and are ready to instruct you regarding the best body armor plates. We realize that you need some assistance on making the choice so we have included some vital information for you too.

Table Summary




Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

1. Has 9 built-in mag pouches
2. Equipped with 5 internal mesh pockets
3. Chest platform is removable/adjustable

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

1. Has 4 adjustable mag pouches
2. Is equipped with 2 zippered and internal document pouches
3. Can carry additional gear due to its loop system

UNISTRENGH Tactical Molle Vests

1. Made from 900D nylon
2. Equipped with EVA protective guard that can be detached
3. Has an emergency drag handle, shoulder straps that are adjustable and loop and hook webbing


1. Length and girth are adjustable
2. Has two large map pouches with a zipper 
3. Is designed with short and tall magazine pouches

ActionUnion Airsoft Tactical Vest

1. The waist design and shoulders are adjustable
2. Is equipped with MOLLE system
3. Has military level zippers

DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile

1. This low-profile vest is ideal for low-viz
2. Has MOLLE webbing on the back, sides and front
3. Has adjustable size and a quick off/on

What is a Plate Carrier?

In simple terms, plate carries to protect you from ballistics. Plate carriers are manufactured with a heap bearing framework which is intended to give ballistic assurance.
They’re called plate carries, not on the grounds that they assist you in conveying plates in a café, but since they can convey embedded ‘plates’ that give shifting degrees of ballistic insurance.

These additional plates are placed in the front and rear cover of the plate carriers. They ensure that those imperative organs, for example, the lungs and heart are saved from shots.

The contrast between impenetrable vests and plate bearers is that the vests are commonly worn beneath the attire. So open authorities inconceivably perilous zones and government police that are on security rounds may wear these.

They are usually constraining in development, and appear massive. Plate carriers are usually worn outside of your garments and utilize the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) framework. They also utilize bulletproof plates that are thin. The advantage of plate carriers is that they permit you to convey pockets and boards utilizing MOLLE lashes that entwine into positions in the carrier.

For what reason is this acceptable?

Well, that’s because it permits you to alter the plate carrier for the particular job you are associated with. In the event that you are a military officer, you may have a dump pocket, pockets for standard M4 magazines, and pockets for gun magazines. In managerial jobs, you may utilize an administrator board over your magazine pockets.

Types of Vests Available

Before we get into more details, here are the kinds of vests out there that you can browse from.

Plate Carriers: the main intend for using plates is to convey embeds that stop genuine ballistic rounds. The plates present inside the vest will cover and secure the essential organs of the chest area. A few vests permit you to embed back and side plates, which may be a little excess for regular citizen to use, however if conveying some additional weight is all the same to you then use the extra plates. They commonly have MOLLE connections and pockets to convey other military-style gear.

Soft bulletproof vests: these are concealable and a lot lighter than plate transporters. All things considered, soft vests have some significant drawbacks. While they can successfully stop littler rounds like shotgun or 9mm pellets, they’re ineffectual against higher gauge guns.

Multi-functional vests: these are incredible for joining embellishments like magazine pockets and other rigging to the vest. Usually they are lightweight and don’t have any zones to embed hard or delicate plates. To the extent assurance goes, they aren’t obviously superior to simply wearing a standard vest or shirt.

Finally, it’s time to address the important question, are plates better than vest?

Vests are only effective for stopping smaller calibers like the 9mm. In case you want some protection then plates should be the pick for you.

Buying Guide for Plate Carrier

1. ProtectionLevel

The level of security that the plates can offer is a significant thought. Various vests and plates have diverse rating levels that let you realize what sort of rounds they can viably stop. We have already mentioned the protection skills of plates and vest above.

2. Certifications and Ratings

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), is a piece of the esteemed Department of Justice. It has been setting principles regarding body defensive layers, for quite a while. These permit you to realize what kind of rounds the defensive layer you’re taking a gander at can practically stop. Listed below are the levels, while purchasing a plate carrier make sure to take them into account:

Handgun Calibers

  • Level IIA: these are effective against 9mm to .40 ammo shots from short barrel handguns. It isn’t functional against rifles
  • Level II: these are beneficial against 9mm and .357 magnum ammo from short barrel handguns but it’s not successful against rifles.
  • Level IIIA: is super effective against .357 and .44 ammos from any long barrel handguns but it fails to be successful against rifles

2. Rifle Calibers

  • Level III: is super effectual against 7.62 FMJ center ammo.
  • Level IV: is effectual against .30cal steel for protection puncturing adjusts.

3. Types of Plates

Before you start purchasing take a minute and read about the different types of plates that are available in the market. On reading about the plates you will be able to identify the one that satisfies your requirements the most.

1.SAPI plates

SAPI stands for Small Arms Protective Inserts. These plates are utilized by all of the US military. Out of all the vests Kevlar vests are extraordinary yet as referenced above, for adjusts bigger than 9mm they’re incapable. SAPI plates were explicitly intended to halt higher rounds as compared to than standard Kevlar vests. SAPI plates are essentially artistic plates as they are canvassed in an extremely composite material. This material is essential in trapping fragments.

There are various sorts of SAPI plates; however they’re ordinarily made of silicon carbide clay or boron carbide. The degree of assurance is extraordinary; however they’re significantly heavier than delicate plates. Marines usually need to wear these plates in the back, front, and in the sides of their vest. The significant drawback of ceramic and SAPI plates is they are just intended to stop one bullet in a similar spot. This is on the grounds that they break when hit to assimilate the active vitality from the round.

What do these plates weight? Here is an estimate of what each plate weights:

  • 2.8 pounds: extra small plate
  • 3.5 pounds: small plate 
  • 4.0 pounds: medium plate
  • 4.6 pounds: large plate
  • 5.3 pounds: extra-large plate

On checking the weights, you can get an estimate of how much the plates will weight you down and so you can make a selection according to that.

2. Ceramic Plates

These are a typical kind of plate that you can discover and purchase easily from the market. Initially they were utilized on a huge scale during the Operation Desert Storm. They were a leap forward in innovation regarding body protective layer and were a lot lighter than other different sorts of armor present at that point. All things considered, they’re still truly overwhelming and cumbersome.

Ceramic plates require you need to gauge the advantages of the expanded insurance with the cons that accompany this overwhelming vest. You see encounter this a great deal in the military; folks will expel their side or back plates to drop weight and increment their portability. Additionally, remember that since they are intended to break when hit by a bullet, they are just compelling at halting one round in a similar region. With artistic plates, you additionally should be mindful so as to not drop them and make sure to support them in the event that they hit hard.

3. Polyethylene Plates

These are another kind of plate that you can purchase. They’re altogether lighter than clay plates. These plates frequently include woven shield materials that really exploit the regular turn of the bullet to ingest the effect. The warmth of the slug really softens the polyethylene and alos helps in stop the bullet.

4. Steel Plates

These are an old sort of plate that is not recommended as they are light in weight. Steel has been utilized for a considerable length of time, and in case it is thick enough it will be able to stop ballistic rounds. It was initially made to prevent adjusts from black powder gun rifles however it is efficient against current guns.

4. Weight and Heat

Weight is a significant factor that you need to look into particularly in case it’s anticipated that you will be wearing the vest for extensive stretches of time. In case you’re searching for a vest to exercise in you may really need one that is substantially heavy.

In case you’re searching for vest to be used during home protection or sports like paintball, you most likely need to search for one a lightweight vest. We have listed the weight of the vests mentioned below, so you can differentiate for yourself.

In case you’re wearing a substantially heavy vest plus moving around a great deal then it’s obvious that you will perspire a lot. For example, while climbing wearing plates your body would be completely splashed. On the off chance that you intend to wearing the plate carrier for quite a while, we prescribe connecting to the back a hydration bladder, so you can remain hydrated and can forestall overheating.

5. Attachments

You need to ensure and double check that you are getting a plate bearer with MOLLE connections and spots to append ammunition pockets or any other rigging that you might need to have on yourself. Some vests come with heaps of spots that can be used for connections and adornments, while others have moderate spots.

MOLLE is actually an abbreviation that means “Measured Lightweight Load bearing Equipment”. At the fundamental level, it’s basically a stepping stool of firmly woven and strong denier nylon which is far better than other Velcro frameworks. Having the MOLLE framework incorporated into the plate carrier permits you to rapidly and effectively connect pockets, patches, frill, holsters, and numerous different bits of apparatus. Utilizing MOLLE is regularly superior to stuffing things into your knapsack or your pockets since you can modify where you want to place what and you’ll generally have brisk access in case of emergency. Most great plate carriers are filled with MOLLE and all military related vests envelop MOLLE somehow.

Now that you know what is what and have somewhat idea as to what you will be purchasing, lets list the products so that you can get buying.

Top 6 Best Plate Carriers for the Money

1. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set


  • Has 9 built-in mag pouches
  • Equipped with 5 internal mesh pockets
  • Chest platform is removable/adjustable
  • Has a built-in hydration carrier

On inspecting this plate carrier, I was not in the slightest degree astonished that they have named this Modular Chest Rig. It has huge amounts of heavy webbing that consumer can use to connect distinctive modular connections.

You won’t be lacking in space and storage with this apparatus, this we can say without a doubt.

Regardless of whether you have to take out a whole armed force you will have the option to convey enough ammunition to take care of business without anyone else. Well, perhaps not a whole armed force, yet you will have the option to convey loads of ammunition.

At the point when you first have a proper look at this strategic vest all you will see is lines and columns of thick webbing intended for modular connections.


Besides this, there are two mesh pockets inside, six mag pouches plus shoulder straps with all the more webbing on them, in the event that something goes wrong.

With such a great amount of space to hold the stuff you will have the option to take everything that you will require with you and keep them all safely near your body where they can be reached effectively. The vest is flexible enough to oblige people of each build and size.

A couple of consumers commented that it can fit bigger people weighting around 200 pounds more nicely as compared to littler people.

An implicit hydration carrier is constantly something worth being thankful for to have attached on the plate carrier, particularly on the off chance that you will have to be in action. So for the duration that you will not have access to water this will help you out.

The bladder isn’t included yet on the off chance that you truly need one, you can buy it independently. Regardless of whether you are playing a genuine round of paintball or out battling for your nation on foe soil, it’s great to realize that you will have the hydration that you need just as the entirety of your ammunition while you are wearing this cheat rig.

2. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


Best plate carriers for the money
  • Has 4 adjustable mag pouches
  • Is equipped with 2 zippered and internal document pouches
  • Can carry additional gear due to its loop system
  • The girth and length are adjustable
  • Mesh framework assists in keeping you cool

With law enforcement being a risky work and there being the plausibility of you getting shot at on some random day the danger is genuine. So what you need to do is find a way to secure yourself as much as you can.

A decent plate carrier will become an essential tool while you’re working with law enforcement services. The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is perhaps the best plate carrier that you can purchase. Plus, it comes in a very reasonable price margin so you will not have to spend a lot of cash on it.

Let’s get into the details. First up under discussion, we have the ventilation system of this plate carrier.

Ventilation System

Pursuing down miscreants in order to bring them to justice is troublesome enough. Thou of course all the effort are worth it but you need a plate carrier that wouldn’t be stacked with provisions. As these supplies can make you seat and hot quickly. On the off chance that you are sensible and are wearing a vest like the UTG 547 then you are good to go.

Its ventilation framework is arranged in mesh, so you will stay cool while chasing trouble makers. Cooler is acceptable especially in the regions that get super hot.

A truly breathable material has been is fused all through the plan of the vest. What this does is that it helps in releasing warmth of your body and keeping you a lot cooler than you would be in something else. The huge mesh pocket which is situated at the rear can serve like a hydration bladder holder in cases of emergency. 

Other remarkable features of this plate carrier include the thoughtful design that makes this item different from all the others.

The manufacturers have also paid special attention to the little details that will make the plate carrier worth your while.

This particular project might not have the same number of little MOLLE openings as some other plate transporters however it in no way fails in providing space to convey supplies. There is a pocket for available your ammunition, radio, holster and any other strategic apparatus that you might have to convey. To say the very least you don’t have to worry about space.

The circle framework present at the rear of the vest guarantees that you will have ample extra space. The niceties included in this plate carrier are sure to make this product worth the while.

3. UNISTRENGH Tactical Molle Vests


Best plate carriers for the money
  • Made from 900D nylon
  • Equipped with EVA protective guard that can be detached
  • Has an emergency drag handle, shoulder straps that are adjustable and loop and hook webbing
  • There is a front pocket for map with snap
  • The lining in the interior has padded mesh

Next up we have another amazing vest for you guys. So get ready to be further amazed.

The most prominent feature of this vest is that it has 2PCS EVA protection guard that is detachable. This safety guard will protect you from the back and front. So in case of a sudden attack your vest will protect you.

The material used in this plate carrier is 900D Nylon. This is a military grade material and has been constructed well. With the thick nylon lining of PVC and the wear resisting ability you will find this vest to be very durable.

Another prominent feature of this unistrengh vest is its padded shoulder. Not only are they anti slip but can also be removed. The shoulder pads of this tactical vest come with loop and hook guides.

The heavyweight webbing in the vest provides space for modular attachments. Plus, the shoulder straps are adjustable so you can alter then according to your size.

The vest comes with front pocket for map, has loop and hook closure and has release buckles on waist strap (these waist straps are present inside the vest and on its shoulders)

The padded mash lining make the vest super comfortable and this item is likely to become your favorite pretty soon.

4. BLACKHAWK Omega Cross


  • Is constructed out of nylon mesh which makes it super breathable
  • Length and girth are adjustable
  • Has two large map pouches with a zipper 
  • Is designed with short and tall magazine pouches

Another item that will not disappoint you and will keep you safe in dangerous regions is this plate carrier by BLACKHAWK.

This is quite a popular item and has received 3.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Consumers love how the Nylon mesh even thou is heavy-weight is very breathable. You can also adjust the length and alter it by 6 lengths.

As the vest is made out of High Density Sponge Cloth and EVA material this you can rely on the product to be durable. In order to make it suitable for all body types there is room for adjustment in the waist and shoulders.

We recommend that you adjust the vest loosely so that you have enough space to move above in it. On the other hand it should be tight enough for you to access or place your equipment properly. So find the ideal middle ground.

Furthermore, the MOLLE system allows you to add more pouches so you don’t have to worry about that.

5. ActionUnion Airsoft Tactical Vest


Best plate carriers for the money
  • Constructed from durable and comfortable material
  • The waist design and shoulders are adjustable
  • Is equipped with MOLLE system
  • Has military level zippers

Lastly we have a one of kind vest that you are bound to be impressed with.

This vest by ActionUnion is constructed out of EVA protective plate and neoprene. These materials are high-density and high strength, so you will feel super safe wearing this piece.

These comfortable and durable materials make the vest water and shock proof. Thou the carrier feels soft when touched it is wear resistant and heat preservative.

The design of the vest allows you to alter the shoulder length. Its zipper makes it easy for the user to utilize and wear the vest. Plus, the zipper is practical so you wouldn’t have to fuss with it.

Before placing your order take note that the maximum chest size which this plate can offer is 130 cm and the maximum waist length is 115cm.

The MOLLE system on this plate carrier makes it easy for it to be used by Special Forces as they can incorporate their tactical equipments.

6. DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile


Best plate carriers for the money
  • This low-profile vest is ideal for low-viz
  • Has MOLLE webbing on the back, sides, and front
  • Has the adjustable size and quick off/on
  • Has a built-in kangaroo pouch


 All the plate carriers mentioned above are a must have for Special Forces and can be used for other outdoor activities like hunting, target shooting, paintball and law enforcement actions.

With the details mentioned above we are sure that you would have found your favorite by now. So without further delay get buying.