Top 10 Best Left Handed Compound Bow – Buying Guide

Can’t get a release trigger light enough that will please you? Well, you’re in for a surprise with today’s post: as we’re going to dig deep into the top best left handed compound bow and show you why is it important to pick the right bow.

Let’s dive right in, I really want to mention something; In the world of bow hunting, your shooting style or instrument must be selected not on the basis of your which hand is more powerful but your which eye is more dominant. So first of all, it’s important to know identify your dominant side, as it affects the accuracy and shooting performance. Majority of the world being right handed; market is also for right hand users; most shop won’t actually stock left handed bows. This does not mean that you have limited options when it comes to choosing a sports tool which fits you the best. And, if you are one of those 10 percent people, gifted with left hand abilities and also interested in having a compound bow than you should consider a few things while purchasing it.

This guide will provide you with plenty of options for a left handed compound bow and will enable you to select a bow of your choice from some of the best lefthanded compound bows available in the market.

Now we’ve got that out the road, lets crack on with the top 10 best Left handed compound bows around.



Price On Amazon

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Top Pick
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Archery Edge Sb-1

Diamond Archery Edge Sb-1

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Approach

Bear Archery Approach

PSE Ferocity Compound Bow

PSE Ferocity Compound Bow

SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow

SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow

 PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow

 PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow

Genesis Original Kit

Genesis Original Kit

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee

Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1

Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1

Buyer’s Guide

What to consider when buying left handed bow? There are several features to examine. As majority does not use left handed bows, so generally stores do not keep much stock of left handed bows; therefore, you must know what you want or what you are looking for.
Always check up on:

  • Draw length
    The draw length, if adjustable is quite comforting. This factor affects the bowing experience, so whenever you decide to place an order for best left handed compound bow (your favorite) must have its draw length measured by some professional. A non-regular can always mis-measure.
  • Draw weight
    It is one of the more subjective measurements that should be considered when looking for a bow. It is basically the weights of how many lbs you are efficient of pulling back when drawing the bow.
    If you are a beginner archer, you must start with the lower draw weight, no matter even if you are strong. First it is important for you to command the shooting technique.
  • Speed
    One more factor to be considered, firing speed is also important. Measured in feet per second FPS. It totally depends upon the different style of archery.
  • Cams
    Cam system makes the bow a bit more consistent. It is an added advantage to have a cam in a bow.

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro – Best Hunting Bow for the Money

First up, we have arguable the most affordable bow in the market. It is extremely flexible and long-lasting left hand compound bow. The bow has a draw length of 13-31 inches and draw weight range of 15-70 pound.  This cute little bow comes in at physical weight of 3.2 pounds. Its adjustable range allows it to be a lifetime bow.

So, what do you get when you purchase the Infinite edge pro?

It comes ready to go, with all of the usual accessories; ready to hunt. You get a quiver, bow sight, arrow rest, peep sight, wrist sling and a 5″stabilizer.

Just like all things in life, there’s a downside

to it as well. Then again, perfection doesn’t exist- but mind you this is certainly not far-off from perfection. After some time, even the best hunting bow for the money loses out of tune. Although, this is not that big a deal, as this will happen with a lot of bows.

  • Long durability, it can be used for a lifetime
  • Comes ready to hunt.
  • Budget efficient, low in cost.
  • Light weight, easy to handle.
  • Hunting exclusive.
  • An excellent choice for beginners and for more experienced hunters.
  • Not fit for sports, designed specifically for hunting.
  • A question on durability, as some parts, tune out after some time.

2. Diamond Archery Edge Sb-1 – Fastest Bow on the Market

My personal favorite on the list- Edge Sb-1, another astonishing invention from Diamond Archery for hunting. However, in terms of its appearance it has quite a few similarities with its prior edition: the infinite pro edge. By just looking at it, one might think that this maybe the same bow. But, there are some dispute that set it apart from infinite pro edge.

SB-1 comes with an extremely large draw weight and draw length, making it more flexible for extensive number of users. Its draw length got sacrificed, arrives to range 25-30 inches. The SB-1 busts its weight range to another 71 pounds, as if pro wasn’t enough with its 15-70 pounds; Sb-1 has a draw weight range of 7-71 ponds. This bow could easily be adaptable for a kid as well, which is quite amusing. This bow is slightly more weighted, comes in 3.6-pound weight. Axle to axle this bow runs in at 31″ and has a hold up height of 7″.

The only drawback I could point out in the fastest bow on the market; it is a little on the louder side when shooting. But obviously with so many plus points, even this slight sacrifice is totally worth it.

On the whole, the Edge SB1 is a bow that any hunter: regardless of age or build, can afford and use. A definite green light from my side people.

  • All-rounder, perfect for multi-users.
  • Ready for hunting, out of the box.
  • Budget efficient, available at a low price.
  • Cam system for compatible timings.
  • Easy to set up and tune.
  • Louder releaser when shooting.

3. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 – Good Starter Compound Bow

When it comes to holding up bows, they generally have very low durability. Not the case with this bow: Bear Archery Cruzer. It has tied down the space between the high brand budgets and lower brand budgets. Another one from the Diamond series of the bow, which is durable and will accompany you growing up.

When it comes to specifications, Cruzer G2 is a good starter compound bow as it has a convertible draw weight range of 5-7 pounds and draw length of 12-13 inches. In comparison to the above reviewed bows, this is much more advance. It would be only fair to fair, that their comparison isn’t very fair on the other bows.

This Cruzer has a special and unique grip design, which help to lessen the hand twist, making it one of the ideal left handed compound bow. This in itself, it is a huge feature as it helps to get start with a natural feel for how a bow should be held and released.

When it comes to the downside, the only thing it lacks in its package is arrows, you have to buy arrows separately.

To sum it yes, Bear archery cruzer G2 has my stroke of acceptance.

  • High-quality material and design.
  • Fast release speed.
  • Excellent grip.
  • For a high-quality bow, it’s the low price
  • Ready to hunt
  • It comes with all accessories.
  • Usually for hunting
  • Comes without arrows, need to buy them separately.

4. Bear Archery Approach – Best Compound Bow for Deer Hunting

One look at it, and you know you have got something special on display. Once again bear archery doesn’t disappoint with its amazing “Approach”.

Wouldn’t be fair, if we don’t jump right onto its features straight away. It comes with launching arrows at an absurd 327 feet second. The bow running convertible draw weigh and draw length of 55-70 pounds and 23.5-30.5 inches respectively. Axle length 32 inches and brace height 6.25 inches.

With the help of its cam system, its accuracy for shot after shot has increased massively. Much like other options on the list, this bow also comes with all the main accessories from trophy ridge making it ready to shot bundle.

Frankly speaking, the accessories for our beloved best compound bow for deer hunting are not top ranked but not at the bottom either. This type of bow has commercial look and provides a new level of perfection and standard when you go hunting.

  • It provides speed and control
  • When shorts are fired, it creates less vibration.
  • Steady and accurate shots.
  • Not the ideal speed.

5. PSE Ferocity Compound Bow – Left Handed Best Bow

PSE has always been the dearest; when it comes to compound bows. Always producing high quality gears at the lowest price. Don’t believe me? Let me brief you with some of its features and analyze if you are getting a fair deal or not.

Best part about PSE Ferocity is that not only is it budget efficient but at the same time it doesn’t compromise on the quality as well. Ferocity is known for their utmost let-off’s and flat draw cycles. Aiming these qualities through unique cam systems, this bow has a convertible draw length of 24.5-30 inches- making it quite efficient for splitting arrows at an IBO of 328fps. It also gives 80% let off which is making it a desirable choice. Having adjustable draw weight of 60-70 pounds; making satisfactory to those who are a bit more advanced and know what are the needs for their ideal bow. Bow weights 3.5 pound, which is pretty light. Axle length: 30.75.

This is a hunting exclusive, and is quite renowned for bear hunting. You can build your own custom left handed best bow as it does not come with accessories, making your own bow of your own preferences which is quite a fantasy for a bow hunter.

All things considered the bow is sweet little equipment, but is really befit towards those who want to upgrade their hunting attire.

  • The grip feels quite natural.
  • Cost-efficient, reasonable price for the high-quality bow.
  • Customized in terms of accessories.
  • Fast release speed.
  • No accessories.
  • No arrows.
  • Hunting exclusive.

6. SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow – Best Left Hand Youth Compound Bow

Next up we have SAS Feud Compound Bow, specially designed for an experienced left-handed hunter. Thanks to its high release speed and reliability, it provides an optimal hunting experience.

It is very much light weighted, weighing only 4.4 pounds. 35 inches’ axle length and a draw length that can vary from 24 to 30 inches. It also provides you with a range of draw weight from 55 to 70 pounds, most importantly it has a great release speed of 270 feet per second.

My claim is that this is the left handed compound bow you were looking for if you are an experienced hunter. It also provides you with all the necessary accessories which one will need for a hunting trip.

You may not find it the most versatile bow as it is a specialized bow for hunters. Beginners also may find it a complex one but if you have some experience you should be considering this product for an ultimate hunting experience.   

  • Powerful and great for hunting
  • Modifications can easily be done
  • Great accuracy
  • Durable and reliable
  • Have greater weight than some of the other bows
  • Beginners are not very good with it
  • Mainly designed for hunting

7. PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow – Hottest Left Hand Compound Bow

Beginners can have an ideal left handed compound bow in the shape of PSE ARCHERY Mini Burner Compound Bow Kit for Beginners. Perfect choice for young or inexperienced hunters. 29 to 40 lbs is its draw weight. An impressive draw Range of 16” to 26 ½”, proves a cherry on the cake.

It comes with a ready to shoot package- including almost everything you need to start your hunting career. A 3-pin sight, arrow rest, arrow quiver, stabilizer, and three carbon arrows.

Having an arrow rest and a string with it makes it a complete package. All these qualities make it a durable and lightweight bow with powerful limbs having metal pockets to hold the pieces together.

Left hand compound bows are difficult to find in the market, but you can always order your favorite one from amazon because that is never out of stock.

  • Its lightweight and durability make it a good option
  • String and arrow rest make it a complete package
  • Perfectly designed for beginners
  • The body isn’t scratch-less, rather Scratchable

8. Genesis Original Kit – Sublime Hunting Compound Bow

This is the official bow of National Archery in the School Program(NASP).

Archers of all ages, all sizes, having any type of athletic abilities can have a great start using this product. It has no special draw length requirement. It includes a machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, idler wheel, an aluminum cam, sturdy composite limbs, also has high- strength bowstrings. This whole stuff is made in the USA. Less noise, less recoil and its accuracy increases its demand as a hunting compound bow.

Bow, belt tube quiver, adjustable guard arm, 5 aluminum arrows, 3/16 hex wrench and buyer’s manual are also part of the whole kit.

The Genesis Original Kit is very much user friendly and is available in a range of colors.

It also has an adjustable draw weight of 10 to 20 lbs, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

  • User friendly
  • An ideal choice for beginners
  • Draw-weight can be adjusted
  • Not suitable for hunting

9. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee – Top Compound Bow for Beginners

With a mere weight of 18lbs and a draw length of only 33.5 inches, Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee is a perfect bow for children/beginners wanting to learn archery. It is delivered in a ready to shoot form, no need of arranging parts together.

Soft-touch grip at the body makes sure that the shooter’s hand does not slip while holding the bow. If you are about to get things started, and want the absolute top compound bow for beginners, look no further.

Finger rollers, adjustable pin sight, carry case, and two arrows are part of the whole package. It is available in three different colors. Most importantly you can enjoy a five-year damage warranty with this product.

  • 5-year warranty included
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Body of bow is not slippery due to soft-touch grip
  • Breakable arrows

10. Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1 – Top of the Line Bow

Got kids? We got just the right thing for you, Compound Bow Topoint Archery Package M1 is a great option for kids and teenagers, having a weight of only 19 to 70 lbs. Aluminum Bow Riser,CNC milling 7075-T6 Bow CAM is used in its manufacturing which makes it a lightweight bow. To have better results with this bow, the height of the user should be less than 6 feet. It also has some shortcomings while hunting big animals but works perfectly fine for smaller targets but it has an impressive draw length of 19’’ to 30’’. But its main selling point are its amazing Bow Limbs.

This top of the line left handed bow includes a limb made up of fiberglass and has maple lamination on it. It provides user flexibility by bending without breaking and is also a durable product. This product is great for learners because of its easy to handle approach.

  • Accurate and lightweight
  • Durable and strong
  • Flexible
  • Bow stringer not included

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So, time to sum things up. A significant review dedicated specifically to the bow hunters, hunting for the best left handed compound bows. However, with the knowledge of how to determine if the bow is suitable for you or not, things become much easier in trying to buy a perfect bow for oneself.


1. How to tell if a compound bow is left or right handed?

Riser’s arrow stabilizer’s positioning is the key for that. If riser’s arrow stabilizer is on the left hand side of the bow, then it is a right handed bow. If it is on the right hand side of the bow, then the bow is left handed.

2. Can you shoot a left handed bow right handed?

It doesn’t always have to be left handed vs right handed bow. Yes, a right handed person can shoot with a left handed bow but this is a challenging task as the arrow rest will be on the wrong side.

3. What is the best compound bow?

Top 5 best left handed compound bow are as follows,

  1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro
  2. Diamond Archery Edge Sb-1
  3. Bear Archery Cruzer G2
  4. Bear Archery Approach
  5. PSE Ferocity Compound Bow