Top 10 Best Dive Watches Under 100 – Review and Guide 2020

Best Dive Watches Under 100

Back in 1950 when scuba diving was coming into focus as a sport there popped up the idea of introducing the necessary underwater tool which would be helpful for time tracking.

Dive watch with depth gauge is necessary for every scuba diver going deep down underwater. Diving watches provides great purpose underwater because they provide accuracy of time and they measures depth with rotating bezel having the capacity to handle the tough pressure underwater.

There are some officially certified guidelines under which the dive watch can be called as dive watch if its features meet the requirements. Some of the important elements for watch to be called as dive watch are that it should be water resistant up to 100 meters, shock or chemical resistance and visibility and should have a specified level of working in total darkness.

Watch is called dive watch which is used by a person who dives and is waterproof so that it can have the ability to stand effects and pressure of water deep down the sea.

In the early years of pool sports the dive watch was an important tool. It was the only device to estimate the time underwater so that the person would know how much time it needs to get out of the water and in this way, it is helpful in intervals of diving.

A watch makes your appearance expressive in a specific way. This accessory has its own unique impression on your personality. Since watches comes in all kinds of colors and style. People don’t find it hard to match a piece with their look.

In Budget of 100$ you can have a great stylish and attractive watch for dive. Best affordable dive watches have strong quality of design. It has accuracy in showing and keeping track of time. Dive watch with depth gauge have high level of water resistance and also have pretty cool other features.

In this article we have reviewed the best yet cheapest, best budget watches under 100 in the form of style and every feature and having great money worth the best inexpensive dive watches. It would be easy for you to get the best dive watches under 100. best water resistant watches have premium looks, best suited for water sports, outdoor expeditions.

Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver Men's Automatic Dive Watch
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Men's Luxury Watches Rotatable Bezel Sapphire
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Invicta 9204 Pro Diver Men's Dive Watch
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Casio LRW200H-1EVCF Women’s Dive Watch
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Xonix Vogue Men's
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Lad weather
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Casio Women's BGA110-7B
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Henry Jay Men’s Stainless Steel
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Armitron Sport Women's 45/7086
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TEKMAGIC 10 ATM Digital Submersible
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Top 10 Best Dive Watches Under 100

1. Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver Men’s Automatic Dive WatchInvicta 8926OB Pro Diver Men's Automatic Dive Watch

  • Case Diameter            40 mm
  • Band Material             Stainless Steel
  • Band Width                  20 mm
  • Band Color                    Silver
  • Dial Color                      Black

This comes in category of best dive watches under 100. It has rate of water resistant 660 feet which is 200 meters. This watch comes in the category of best luxury dive watches featuring 120-clicks unidirectional rotating bezel with a coin edge mark and a screw-down crown.

Best dive watch under 100 is preferred for swimming underwater with using a snorkel. If you are surfing, you can wear it. It displays date at the three-o clock area. It has a black dial with white markers. Even in darkness it is easily readable.

Best watch under $100 have a very neat and beautiful high-quality submariner homage. Best submariner homage is controlled by self-winding movement which is as accurate as quartz. The watch is classified under best watches for men under 100.

Beautiful and featured watch with steel case with triple line steel bracelet makes it look cheap mens watches that look expensive. This cheap automatic diver watch is suitable for every kind of adventures related to water. Style of 40mm steel case makes it unique piece.

Divers choice is always comes for best water resistant watches and most of the divers recommends this dive watch with depth gauge. It is the best watch they use and dive with a style and is diver watch under 100 which is very budget friendly.

This referred under best watches under 100 is automatic diver watch under 100 thus the best cheap automatic watch does not require batteries to function. Have a solid build body with neat and classy finishing. Movement is visible at the exhibition case back.

2. Men’s Luxury Watches Rotatable Bezel Sapphire Glass Luminous Hand Quartz Silver Tone Stainless Steel Watch

  • Case Diameter                           40mm
  • Water Resistant Depth        30m
  • Materials                                       316L stainless steel case, sapphire window
  • Movement                                     Japanese quartz

In the line of watches for men under $100 here comes a watch. The scuba diving is easy when you wear a watch to keep track of time. A scuba diver with style would love to have this piece of device for reliable diving. As it lies in the category of best mens watches under 100 dollars and best amazing watches under 100. This best dive watch under 100 is also great in style with beautiful color of emerald green. It has 60-click unidirectional rotating bezel and grades under best mens watches under $100.

It gives a look of Rolex with the crown and dial has printed information. The best thing is that it falls in the best dive watches under 100 list.

The best cheap dive watches have this nice attribute just like this one that time movement is according to Japanese quartz, so it makes its timekeeping quality amazing.  It has hour markers and luminous hands and as usual date shown at its usual place in the watch.

Talking about the quality of the under 100$ watch it has fine quality. It has this steel case of stainless steel. The glass window of dialer is made out of sapphire. The best feature of the watch is that it is highly water resistant, even if it has everyday exposure to water.

Those who prefer classic dive watches and cheap watches with quality can have this one. It really has the great features. Case size of this cheap watch is 40mm due to which it can be adjusted in any wrist size.

3. Invicta 9204 Pro Diver Men’s Dive WatchInvicta 9204 Pro Diver Men's Dive Watch

  • Case Diameter                          38mm
  • Weight                                           8.80 Ounces
  • Water Resistant Depth       200m/660ft
  • Materials                                      Stainless-steel case and mineral crystal.
  • Movement                                   Japanese Quartz

Presenting you another piece under classification of best watches for men under $100 falling in the category of best dive watches under 100 this time piece has this very eye-catching look which makes it feel like expensive piece of watch but invicta has given this a price tag of less than 100 bucks. Yes, this beauty has luxurious look but only under 100$ what else you can ask for with such great features too.

The first look of this best cheap automatic watch is bluish violet with a sync of purple color to it and its beauty gets more glorious when in the light. It has Japanese – quartz movement and shows perfect time. It is up to 200meters water resistant. Scuba divers and surfers mostly prefer to wear it.

This cheap automatic diver watch piece falls in the cheap mens watches that look expensive. This best dive watch under 100 works fine under the water if it is tightly closed in its position.

best cheap dive watches are preferred for thier outstanding time tracking ability and this device has unidirectional rotating bezel that keeps track of time. The date shown has a magnifier for it to be big and clear.

The cheap watch by invicta in the money range but the quality is great. With its stainless-steel case and solid design this watch cannot get any scratches easily.

This classic timepiece has 38mm size, is a perfect fit for small wrists. This watch is a standout piece, it keeps track of time precisely. Best suitable for recreational scuba diving activity.

4. Casio LRW200H-1EVCF Women’s Dive WatchCasio Women's LRW200H-1EVCF "Dive Series" Dive Watch

  • Case Diameter                                 33mm
  • Weight                                                  2.88 Ounces
  • Water Resistant Depth             100m/330ft
  • Material                                              Resin case
  • Movement                                        Japanese-Quartz

We don’t want to keep on talking about men’s watch, let’s cut the line and have a look at this great inexpensive really simple yet classy cool looking watch for ladies.

To get the best dive watches under 100 one should consider this one to purchase. The best womens dive watch  is lightweight and very comfortable fit. It can give good readability in light and even in darkness.

Casio best women’s dive watch has amazing value with casual wear at summer outdoor parties, at the beach or summer traveling. As most of the people prefer good watches under 100 this best cheap waterproof watch has Japanese quartz time movement. It is water resistant for about 330 ft.

The classic dive watches could submerge in water and can cope with it up to 100 meters. Female swimmers can have this wristwatch for their cool look. best womens dive watch frequent use of this watch under water cannot negatively affect its functionality.

5. Xonix Vogue Men’s

Vogue Men's 100M Waterproof Sports Black Resin Large Digits Digital Dive Basic Watch (Can Be Pressed Underwater)

  • Case Diameter                            44mm
  • Water Resistant Depth        100m
  • Materials                                       Polyurethane
  • Movement                                    digital

Diver watch under 100 is water resistant, which proves its reliability for using it underwater. It has a lithium battery with a life span of 5 years. It has long span of warranty without losing its function. Nice thing about best budget watches under 100 and this specifically is that It has a built-in world clock feature, another feature it has is it can also function as a stopwatch. This budget dive watch is efficient, and its accuracy can be adjusted through GPS.

If you are looking for the best digital watches under 100 then you can have this good-looking watch.

Among the best mens watches under $100. It has a comfortable fit and is properly working with a large digital display for easy reading. The wristband strap is made of silicone which is totally waterproof material and it makes it fit exceptional. This watch features mode settings and light options too.

6. Lad weatherLad Weather Water Depth Temperature Measure Watch Snorkeling Sport Diving Watches

  • Case Diameter                           47mm
  • Water Resistant Depth        330ft
  • Materials                                       polyurethane
  • Movement                                    Swiss quartz

The watch is simple in its looks with the big face if display and strap made out of silicone. The silicone strapped bracelets are easy to wear so that it does not slip from its position. This works accurate and keeps track of time precisely. Classified under best dive watches for men, these digital divers watches are a best choice to make your life easy.

The type of best watches under 100 works on batteries for a long time. What makes it among the best affordable watches under 100, is because of really cool features this device has. Falling in the category of tough watches under 100 is durable and works well.

Best cheap dive watch displays the date, time, month and can show a calendar in its settings. Countdown and alarm settings are also added into this cool dive watch with water resistant ability.

As for the battery life it can accept up to 4 hours of diving time which means it can be submerged into the water for this long and it won’t affect the watch abilities.

7. Casio Women’s BGA110-7BCasio Women's BGA110-7B

  • Case Dimension                               5.9’5.5’5.5 inches
  • Water Resistant Depth               100ft
  • Materials                                              steel
  • Movement                                           quartz

In the list of best affordable watches under 100 presenting Casio watch. This white sports watch has a large dial up with easy to read feature.

The case material used is resin with mineral dial window. It has Japanese quartz movement which means that it shows time without any error. Falling in the list of best dive watches under 100 it can a good choice. It has a degree of conformity of measure of time which is the best aspect of this device. This comes with 2 years of warranty.

This watch belongs to the class of good watches under 100 and is a perfect accessory for women can be worn at anyplace. It has white outer look.  You may think the white color can get stained, but it will not decolor at all even if you are working with chemicals while wearing it.

This water-resistant watch is suitable for swimming and surfing. This baby G watch is shock resistant. This best womens dive watch shows both digital and analog system.

8. Henry Jay Men’s Stainless Steel “Specialty Aqua masterHenry Jay Mens Stainless Steel "Specialty Aquamaster" Professional Dive Watch with Date

  • Case Diameter                                       42mm
  • Water Resistant Depth                    330ft
  • Materials                                                   stainless steel
  • Movement                                                henry jay special quartz

It is not necessary that if the watch looks dashing then it must be pricey. Isn’t it a good deal if it’s not too costly and still it looks expensive? So, again with another best dive watches under 100 have this watch accessibility from henry jay.

This offers a great deal of features and yet is not heavy on the pocket. It has a pretty blue color face and dial which is made of steel.

The hour markers and hands are silver in color which goes great in contrast with blue. It looks amazing and goes with any of your look. Either you wear this casually or formally it will compliment your look and easy on your pocket too because it falls in the best budget watches under 100.

The water-resistant quality makes it more importantly a diver’s choice. Easy wearing and removing with push button extended clasp. Classic appearance and solid performance can be maintained for many years if used properly. This cheap waterproof watch has a pretty amazing deal to give from look to quality, all one could ask for as it falls in the best dive watches under 100.

9. Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7086 Digital Chronograph WatchArmitron Sport Women's 45/7086LBL Digital Chronograph Light Blue Resin Strap Watch

  • Case Diameter                           34mm
  • Water Resistant Depth        100m
  • Materials                                       Resin
  • Movement                                    quartz

This model lies in the category of best cheap waterproof watch under 100. With the highest review rate this watch has made its place in the market.

It has different color varieties and each one is in different price ranges. The blue Armiton model in not more than 25$ thus is cheap. The device case band and bezel are made from resin. The device of this model in. Women’s watch has the bezel which is stationary.

cheap waterproof watches has a led display and this watch  has a button of light for the screen. The model also includes the cool features of stopwatch timer and alarm set up.

The water-resistant tendency of this best cheap dive watch has is up to 330 ft. which makes it truly diving type.

This device is light in weight with the light on pocket for its worth. Have really nice fit for women smart wrists and comfortable. Device comes with excellent value for money with easy set up and long-lasting reliability.

10. TEKMAGIC 10 ATM Digital Submersible Diving Watch 

TEKMAGIC 10 ATM Digital Submersible Diving Watch 100m Water Resistant Swimming Sport Wristwatch Luminous LCD Screen with Stopwatch Alarm Function

  • Case Diameter                                 45mm
  • Water Resistant Depth              330ft
  • Materials                                             round
  • Movement                                          quartz

In the list of best affordable watches under 100. This best inexpensive dive watch has the ability to submerge in water up to 300ft. it has trusted system of sealing. This diving watch is one of the best digital watches under 100. It has very effective protection from the water so, you can have tension free scuba diving and other sports activities.

In the division of cheap waterproof watches  this budget dive watch gives accurate time in display. It has large dial screen for better understanding and with powered back led light makes it easy to read in darkness. Makes it best dive light under $100.

This surely is the best cheap waterproof watch which gives different features. The best cheap dive watch features include stopwatch timer, chronograph, double setting of time. It is amazing choice for any sports activity. It has its own style with adjustable hand band with soft rubber material. Built in battery system gives 2 years of long-lasting enjoyment of this fine piece.

Things to consider when buying dive watch

Not everyone who buys a dive watch intends to buy it to wear it underwater, instead most of the dive watches are amazing in style and looks.

But somehow, they use it anyways for the main purpose of diving.

While looking for a dive watch their capability should be considered according to the following standards.

Water Resistant

The ideal watch for diving is when it comes to the specifications of water resistant at least 300m.

Dive timer bezel

A rotating unidirectional timer bezel is an important feature in divers watch which helps to keep the track of timings.


The construction material of the divers’ watch should have the durability of surviving the pressure of water.

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Customer’s Reviews

  • According to the reviews of the products listed, each product has made its mark and each product are best for thier buyers.
  • Most of the people prefer best cheap dive and buying the time piece with a better ability to read the screen in any circumstance.
  • Each product have easy screen reading and most importantly the mentioned products have quartz control time accuracy. Quartz control best cheap watches are widely considered by people.
  • Though automatic watches comes with amazing features of durability but as compared to quartz time it only works when on worn on wrist.
  • Digital dive watches as compared to traditional watches with time marker indicators are preferred by scuba divers.


Diver watches come with the basic features, the bezel, strap, and the dial. The most important thing to learn is the bezel movement. Any such device comes with the important instructions to follow for perfect handling and usage.

Watch bezel is a rotating function of the dive watch, basically, it tracks the time while rotating so that diver would know when to resurface while diving.